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The Art of Accessible Coffee

As a roaster, I spend many an hour thinking about fantastic, exciting coffees to source. Coffee that challenges perception of what coffee can taste like. Coffee that challenges my experience as a roaster and cupper. Coffee that I feel proud to showcase to my peer group. However, experience has taught me that this can sometimes […]

Seasonal Coffee – April 2016

April – Seasonal Coffee This time of year as a coffee roaster can be tough – waiting for the seasonal coffee arrival of Central American coffee. We’ve had some pre shipment samples sent over by one of our importers, Falcon Speciality, and have chosen at least two Guatemalan lots and a brace of coffees from El […]

Hull Coffee Roaster, East Yorkshire

Coffee Arrivals – July 2015

New Coffee Coffee is seasonal, and we generally see new coffee arrivals every month in the roastery. This month has been a good month for coffee in Hull. Today we’ve released our first box of Kenyan coffee – Karimikui AB and it’s tasting stunning. Next week we’ll see a return of a coffee that impressed […]


I mentioned in the last post about green coffee, that our coffee gets transported to us in Jute bags with a Grainpro liner. So what is a Grainpro liner and why is most speciality coffee transported in it? A Grainpro liner is a bag that acts as a gas and moisture-proof barrier which guards against […]

Coffee Subscription package by The Blending Room, Hull, East Yorkshire

Coffee Subscription

When we fired the roaster up on January 5, along with our weekly espresso roasts, we were roasting the first batch of coffee for our coffee subscribers. Don’t ask me why it has taken nearly six years to put together a subscription coffee package, but better late than never. From January 2015 onwards, each month […]


Coffee Varieties

Bourbon Bourbon coffee was first produced in Réunion, which was known as Île Bourbon before 1789. It was later taken by the French to mainland Africa and to Latin America, and is now one of the two most popular Arabica coffees grown worldwide. Bourbon coffee is usually produced at high altitudes and has a higher […]

Restructuring Our Coffee Selection

Last week I made some big changes to the coffee line up at The Blending Room. Those of you who are internet customers have received an email briefly explaining the change in direction, but I thought a blog post would allow me to go into further details about the reasons for changing direction. For the […]

January 2012 Coffee Arrivals

The New Year brings with it a new coffee and the reappearance of an old favourite, albeit a limited supply of! Daterra Bruzzi is now back in stock, but we only have a limited amount of it; 50kg. This will not last very long at all. So, if you enjoyed a bag last year, make […]

June 2010 Coffee Arrivals

We are happy to announce a new addition to our coffee catalogue for June, Papua New Guinea Bunum Wo Estate AA. This is another example of the excellent quality of coffee that Papua New Guinea produces! Papua New Guinea Bunum Wo AA is a 100% Arabica coffee from the Bunum Wo Estate situated in the […]