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Caffe Culture 2010

Last month I travelled down to the ‘big smoke’ (London) to visit this years Caffé Culture show and what an experience it was!

The event opened at 9:30am but I didn’t arrive until about 10:30am, although I wish now I had set off a little earlier as there were so many people I wanted to talk to and not enough time to get around them all! Firstly I should explain why I wanted to make the 400 mile trip to London to see the show. Well, I wanted to speak to the many espresso machine suppliers there to build relationships for our commercial customers. This would aide us gain hands on experience with some of the fantastic machines available today and importantly gain better deals from face-to-face meetings. I also wanted to put faces to names for the fantastic coffee importers, Mercanta and D R Wakefield, speak to Cup of Excellence, Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance organisations as well as speaking to new suppliers for our ancillary products.

Along with speaking to businesses and coffee merchants, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to watch the 2010 World Barista championships. Now, I’ve spent a few years (8 and counting) behind an espresso machine, so I think I can make a pretty good cup, but these people were fantastic! If you ever get the chance to attend a barista championship, then do. It will open your eyes to how a world beating latte or macchiato should be made! Needless to say that my notepad is now full of their techniques to try out for myself.

So how has The Blending Room benefited from the trip? Well, in the autumn we’ll be adding a few more single estate coffee’s to our catalogue as supplied by Mercanta. We’ll also be expanding our ancillary products range too.. although what to choose from in amongst all the brochures we have will take some doing!

We’ll publicise the new coffees prior to collecting the green beans to wet everyone’s appetite.. so watch this space!

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