Changes To Our Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription package by The Blending Room, Hull, East Yorkshire

Coffee Subscription package by The Blending Room, Hull, East Yorkshire
Back in January 2015, and after a long six year wait, I finally got around to putting together a coffee subscription package. Initially this was a three and six month subscription, which has proved to be a success (thanks to all our current subscribers!)

I’ve spent a bit of time over the weekend in making our subscription coffee offering a bit better. Now all the packages are auto renewing. I regularly get emails asking how many months left someone has on their coffee subscription. Now, you’ll keep getting coffee until the day you cancel (which you can do at any point). I’ve also expanded the options to now include a monthly and twice weekly coffee subscription.

So what do you get with the new coffee subscription? Each month we will select a coffee to roast and send out as part of our coffee subscription. Sometimes the coffee might be part of our range, often it’s a pre-release coffee, and sometimes we offer a coffee which is exclusive to our subscription customers.

With each coffee subscription we produce a newsletter giving additional information about the coffee we have sent. Our aim is to try and vary the content of these newsletters and include subjects such as coffee sourcing, roasting and brewing.

I hope the changes are as well received as our initial launch into subscription coffee. Feel free to leave us feedback on how the service can be bettered still.

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