Coffee Arrivals – May 2020

Another month in lock down beckons. Another month of unprecedented times. Another month of exciting new coffee arrivals!

We’re fortunate that our import partners, Falcon Speciality, have landed some excellent new crop Colombians of which we’ll be bringing you at least two this month. I have just released the first one produced by Luis Albeiro Urbano. This is a coffee that displays classic Colombia characters in the cup. Lots a beautiful citric acidity, perfect for sunny spring days. The second lot is from Eliecer Quisacue who owns a 3 hectare farm, Finca Aguacatico, in the municipality of Paez. It will be quite  different from the first release, displaying a heavier body and more prominent caramel flavours. It’s likely that I’ll get started on roasting this at the end of May or beginning of June.

I’ve enjoyed the 2019 Peru crop so much that I have bought another small lot from an organic farm, La Lucuma, run by Mavila Ruiz Diaz. Mavila grows Castillo and Caturra cultivars and does not apply any agrochemicals to her crop. The farm is managed organically, with applications of decomposed coffee pulp and chicken manure used as a fertiliser.

Lastly, I’ll be releasing a pair of coffees by Jose Carlos Reis and his son, Flavio who own the farm Rancho Grande in Brazil. The Yellow Bourbon cultivars form part of a project series of coffee named “Manga Larga” after a breed of horse known for its quality. The project, started in 2019, was devised to incorporate experimental processing methods which push the boundaries of flavour characters possible on the farm. I’m really looking forward to how these two coffees perform in the roaster and plan to bring at least one out before the end of May.

Enjoy the coffee!

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