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Hario V60 Brew Guide

What you will need:

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  • Hario V60 dripper
  • Filter paper
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Filtered / bottled water
  • Kettle
  • Pouring device
  • Weighing scales
  • Stopwatch


Brew instructions:

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  1. Begin bringing your filtered / bottled water to the desired temperature – 95 degrees Celsius
  2. Fold the seam edge of the filter paper over and place into the V60 dripper
  3. Place the dripper onto your cup / decater and onto your scales – tare the scales
  4. Once the water reaches 95 degrees Celsius, pour into your pouring device
  5. Using the hot water, rinse and wash the V60 filter paper. This removes paper taints and pre-heats the dripper and cup. Discard the water
  6. Place 14g of ground coffee into the dripper. Flatten the bed
  7. Pour 30 – 40g of water onto the bed of coffee and wait 35 – 40 seconds for the bloom to finish.
  8. Gently pour water in a circular motion, whilst remaining in the centre of the dripper until you reach 227g
  9. The total brew time including bloom period should be 2:30
  10. Remove the dripper, drink and enjoy!


The Hario V60 is a great way to produce clean, balanced coffee. The recipe above will help you on your journey. However, please also check for other variations.

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