Roastery Opening Invitation In Bradford

From time to time, roasters get invited to other roasteries for open cuppings, machine reviews or brand launches. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Casa Espresso’s roasting facility that will complement their already strong Sanremo machine sales, service and roasted coffee. The owner, Nino and the roaster Jonnie visited Hull a few months ago to take a look at our Probat with a view to buy their own. Which they now have and successfully installed, ready to bring speciality coffee to Bradford. I wish them the very best of luck!

Sanremo Opera
Another reason to make the drive over was to see the Sanremo boys, Augusto and James and their very special Sanremo Opera machine. I’ve been wanting to have an up-close look at the technology since seeing a prototype at the 2014 London Coffee Festival. What a machine. It looks like no other espresso machine on the market today and has functionality that goes far beyond what you’d find in a traditional espresso machine. If all goes well, I will look to hold and event at the Hull roastery this summer, in order to showcase the machine and its capabilities.

Along with the machine and seeing the Casa guys, I wanted to say hello to Matt and Simon from Falcon Speciality who had made the trip from Harrogate to show us some of their coffee. Amongst a number of coffees I have roasted/cupped before, I got the chance to cup a new Costa Rican and Kenyan arrival, both of which may form part of my portfolio over the coming weeks.

I’d like to thank Casa Espresso for their kind invitation to their roastery opening, it was a fun night!

1 thought on “Roastery Opening Invitation In Bradford

  1. Hi James! Thanks for making the trip last night! It was great to see you, we were well impressed that you had managed to get over!

    Thanks for the help and guidance with the roastery, we will have to do some coffee swaps/beers etc in the future!



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