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January 2012 Coffee Arrivals

The New Year brings with it a new coffee and the reappearance of an old favourite, albeit a limited supply of!

Daterra Bruzzi is now back in stock, but we only have a limited amount of it; 50kg. This will not last very long at all. So, if you enjoyed a bag last year, make sure you grab a bag whilst stocks last.

Along with the Daterra Bruzzi, we also have a new coffee from this impressive Brazilian coffee estate, Santa Colomba. This blend, created by the Daterra growers, is full bodied, sweet and has very delicate acidity. Its preferred brew method is espresso where you can expect to find a chocolate aroma, dense and heavy mouth feel and long finish.

We may be receiving some more newcomers over the next week or so, in which case, I shall add to this post as the come in.

Enjoy your coffee!