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Beverley Festival Of Christmas 2011

The Blending Room will once again be attending the Beverley Festival of Christmas. As with last year, we’ll be located on Wednesday market, not in our usual Saturday market position. As we receive more information about the days proceedings, I shall update this blog post accordingly.

Further information on the festival can be found here: Beverley Festival Of Christmas dedicated website

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Beverley Festival Of Christmas 2009 Review

The Beverley Festival of Christmas 2009 was, for The Blending Room, a “tale of two halves”. On one hand, it was a fantastic day where we got the chance to meet new people, had the chance to talk about coffee and tea and generally have a great day out. Then, on the other hand, it was a total nightmare! Where our expected Friday delivery of new cafetieres didn’t arrive, leaving us short of Christmas presents for people. Then to top the day off, our trusty Bunn grinder decided that this was the morning to stop working! I’ll explain further:

The day started well enough, our usual set-up went smoothly, electricity supplies were on and we were blessed with an excellent position and a 12 foot stall. However, when our second customer ordered 250g of Kenyan Blue Mountain ground for a cafetiere, things started to “fall apart”. I then spent the next two hours, sat on a wet floor, armed with two screw drivers taking the Bunn grinder apart trying to locate what the mechanical fault was. As many a minute, it was surmised that the motor unit is on its way out and all before Christmas! Needless to say, we have now organised a “substitute” grinder to see us through the Christmas period until I can fix our trusty Bunn.

On a more positive note, it was fantastic to see Beverley as busy as it was. In excess of 40,000 people had come to see all the festive activities, a superb showing of local support. We hope that those who bought Christmas presents from us will be happy with their coffee and tea (we know they will be) and we encourage for next year, that anyone who wishes to have a fun day out, come along to Beverley’s Festival of Christmas 2010.

Until next time,
The Blending Room

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Beverley Festival of Christmas 2009 Coffee Competiton

As mentioned previously, The Blending Room will be hosting our “ever running”, “Beverley Blend Competition”. This involves naming the constituent beans to our famous Beverley Blend. Now, as it’s Christmas, I thought that a few “hints” would be well received, seeing that it has been over 4 months and no-one has yet come close to naming the coffee.

The hints are: that there are two types of bean, one is light, fragrant and highly characteristic of its growing area. The other derives from one of the most popular growing regions in the world. Both of these growing regions are located on “relatively” the same latitude and both are “power houses” in the coffee world.

The above hints should be more than enough information to come up with the beans! Let’s see if this year Beverley Festival of Christmas will be date at which the record falls!

Good luck and see you at Beverley’s Festival of Christmas 2009.

The Blending Room

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Beverley Festival of Christmas 2009

The Blending Room, at the very last minute, have received and invite to this years Beverley Festival of Christmas 2009. We are yet to have confirmation of where we’ll be situated on Beverley Saturday market, but have been told that our stall will be close to the market cross. As soon as we have further details, a post will go up to notify everyone.

So what will The Blending Room be doing at this years Beverley Festival of Christmas? Well, we shall be, over the next few nights, putting together our “Blending Boxes”, hurriedly re-stocking on our large range of La Cafetiere products and of course be fulfilling our usual coffee roasting. This Sunday, we shall have a new range of La Cafetiere cafetiers, the Thermique range. These are one of the only insulated range of cafetiere’s that La Cafetiere do and I have to say that they look pretty stylish! There will be a limited amount of them, so get there early to avoid disappointment!

As per our regular Beverley Market Stall, we shall have over 25 varieties of single estate coffee beans that can be freshly ground for you on the day. Along with 30 plus varieties of leaf grade teas from around the world. This weekend will also see a new tea arrival, Winter Fairytale. This is a classic black leaf tea, blended with exotic spice to give you that authentic Christmas aroma and taste in the cup, a perfect drink for Boxing day to soothe your Christmas hangover!

Once again, The Blending Room will also be running our “Beverley Blend Competition”. We have a unique blend, put together for the people of Beverley, which if anyone can name the constituent beans, we will award the “winner” with a free 125g bag. To date, no one has yet been successful, will the 2009 Beverley Festival of Christmas be the date at which the “record” is broken? Good luck to anyone who wishes to have a go!

So, to sum up the above. The Blending Room will be at Beverley’s Festival of Christmas 2009 on Sunday the 13th of December. The day begins at 10am with a host of festive activities for all the family. So do come and join us there!

The Blending Room