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Christmas Market At Fruit 2010

The Blending Room are pleased to announce that we will be attending Fruit’s first Christmas market on Sunday 21st November. The market is likely to run between 10am and 4pm, we will confirm the timings once we are made aware of them.

Fruit have asked us to design a “Christmas espresso blend” for them, which of course we will do! This will be the first Christmas blend this year and Fruit will be the willing guinea pigs! I have already been “playing” with their current espresso blend and think that a touch of Monsooned Malabar or Old Brown Java, possibly around 5-10% (we don’t want to spoil the balance of their current blend), will give it just enough “spice” for that Christmas feel. Once we finalise the blend, Fruit will be pulling the Christmas espresso all day, so why not come down to have a taste?

Further details about the day will be published in due course, but keep your Sunday free!