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Sanremo Verona RS

Sanremo Verona RS

The Sanremo Verona RS was the 2014 UK Barista Championship machine used by all the competitors.

The Sanremo Verona RS takes even bigger steps into temperature stability. Warm water feeds the larger, insulated PID controlled stainless steel boilers behind each group, plus the addition of PID controlled heaters in the group head metalwork. The result is temperature stability to +/- 0.2C guaranteeing impeccable temperature stability, perfect coffee extraction and greater efficiency.

Another great new feature of the Sanremo Verona RS is the inclusion of soft pre-infusion. Here, a two way valve allows the barista to programme for water to be pumped to the group head at 3 bar pressure, before ramping up to standard pump pressure (usually 9 bar). The inclusion of this additional control makes to the baristas ability to manage extraction outstanding.

The Sanremo Verona RS now has individual displays located over each group head. The displays provide information on espresso shot time as well as real time group temperature. The main machine display maintains its position on the right of the machine, but is now larger and offers the barista even more feedback. Information such as individual group boiler set temperature, steam boiler temp, water level, along with vital programming and management tools.

Aside from the technological advancements in the Sanremo Verona RS, there has also been enhancements to the build quality. Group head boilers have been enlarged and are now constructed from high grade stainless steel, giving an even more desirable finish. The copper pipework has been insulated for greater temperature stability and thermal efficiency.

The improvements made to create the Sanremo Verona RS has made this machine a serious competitor in the speciality coffee industry and should be considered the front runner in a high end coffee bar.

Sanremo Verona RS

[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”Specification”][unordered_list style=”bullet”]

Independent coffee and steam boilers
P.I.D. Temperature Control
Dedicated boiler per group head
Independent temperature per group head
Fresh water for tea
Programmable pre-infusion
On-off timer
Auto backflush cleaning facility
Espresso shot timer
Detailed audit trail
LED Illuminated panels & down lights
Triple level boiler safety systems
Copper boiler and pipework
[/unordered_list] [/tab] [tab title=”Variations”][unordered_list style=”bullet”]

2 Group
3 Group
[/unordered_list] [/tab] [/tabs]

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Sanremo Zoe

We decided to work with Sanremo a few years back as we were impressed with sponsorship of the UK Barista championship and level of technology available for their championship machine. Their range is extensive, incorporating espresso machines for start-up businesses and high end speciality coffee shops.

Today I’ll focus on our most popular machine, the Sanremo Zoe. You may see a number of these in coffee shops in Hull and East Yorkshire – please feel free to sample their espresso!

Sanremo Zoe 2 Group
Sanremo Zoe 2 Group

The Sanremo Zoe espresso machine comes in 1 group, 2 group and 3 group formats with an additional compact 2 group version. The innovative design for the first time amongst espresso machines, incorporates the frame as part of the exterior of the machine. This allows the machine to have a small footprint across all sizes. Another design feature sees interchangeable panels in a range of colours that can be coordinated with a white or black exterior frame. We have seen various coffee shops use the colour options to fit in with their shop design and interior colour schemes.

On the technical side, the Sanremo Zoe utilises a heat exchanger boiler to produce its espresso, rather than the Temperature Control System as seen in more expensive models above it. Irrespective, we can achieve very stable brew temperatures under regular use and some pretty tasty shots too!

So, if you’re looking for a dependable, stylish, keenly priced espresso machine – do consider the Sanremo Zoe.

[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”Features”]

  • Unique monocoque construction
  • Selectable pre-infusion
  • Auto backflush cleaning facility
  • Double scale pressure gauge
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Copper boiler and pipework
  • Two steam wands

[/tab] [tab title=”Specifications”]


2-Group Compact




width (mm) 530 530 720 950
depth (mm) 528 528 528 528
height (mm) 537 537 537 537
boiler capacity (Lt) 4.5  7.5 10 14
boiler power (kW) *2.15/2.6 *2.95/4.9 5.6
total power (kW) *2.35/2.8 *3.15/5.1 5.8
voltage (V) *230/400 *230/400 *230/400 *230/400
net weight (kg)  41 45 55 69

[/tab] [/tabs]

Sanremo Zoe 1 Group
Sanremo Zoe 1 Group
Sanremo Zoe 2 Group
Sanremo Zoe 2 Group
Sanremo Zoe 3 Group
Sanremo Zoe 3 Group