Brazil Lacador speciality coffee from Hull by The Blending Room

Brazil Lacador

Cherry, Hazelnut & Chocolate

250g — £8.00

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  • SCA Score 84
  • Producer Airton José Magni
  • Altitude 880
  • Process Natural
  • Varietal Mixed
  • Location Cerrado, Minas Gerais

Roaster's Notes

This is yet another example of great quality coffee from Brazil. I've roasted the coffee with all methods of brewing in mind, so this will be suitable for espresso and filtered brewing alike. Expect to find a great balance between a hazelnut and chocolate character. Enjoy.


Fazenda Lacador is located in the Cerrado close to an altitude of 880 metres and covers a total area of 855ha with coffee. On the farm 20% of the land is allocated to permanent natural forest reserves, which is six times more than the legal requirement under Brazilian law. The varietals planted are Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Acaiá, Araras.

This lot is a blend of Mundo Novo and Acaia and this coffee has been mechanically harvested. After being harvested the coffee is then separated out due to density and ripeness in the wet mill. This process also allows to clean the coffee from any foreign objects like twigs that are caught in the harvesting.

The coffee is then taken to the patios where it is then dried for the next 7-10 days. On the patios the coffee is regularly turned to ensure even drying. Once the moisture is down to below 11% the coffee is then left to rest before being milled and prepared for shipment.

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