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Brazil Pinhal

Clementine, Praline & Chocolate

250g — £8.00

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  • SCA Score 84
  • Producer Gabarra Teixeria Family
  • Altitude 905 - 1,100
  • Process Pulped Natural
  • Varietal Bourbon & Catiga
  • Location San Antoni, Sul de Minas

Roaster's Notes

Pinhal is one of a number of quality Brazil coffees I've bought this season. This Bourbon and Catiga lot displays a very characteristic Brazilian flavour profile. Notes of clementine fruit lead into praline and chocolate. There's lots of body and good perceived sweetness. This has been my go-to French press coffee but works well as espresso of batch filter. Enjoy.


Fazenda Pinhal is a 914-hectare farm situated close to San Antonio De Ampoaro in Sul De Minas. The farm belongs to the Gabarra Teixeria family who acquired the farm in 1994. The farm is only planted with 296 ha coffee (33% of the farm) with the rest of the land been left with natural reserve, Eucalyptus Forest and pasture land for cows.

In 2019 the farm won the award for Brazil's most sustainable coffee farm and in 2019 they installed solar panels which now supplies 100% of their energy usage.

On the farm, they have also started a bird sanctuary to help rehabilitate and care for injured birds and have coordinated research programs with the local universities and student thesis.

The welfare of their employees is very important to them with providing dental care plans in 2018 and now researching with a local university on ways to make the working environment more sustainable for their employees and preventing occupational injuries.

This coffee is a pulped natural where the cherries are mechanically harvested before then being sorted for the ripe and over ripe and green. The ripe cherries are then pulped removing 100% of the mucilage. These coffees are then taken to the patios where they are dried for 7 - 10 days with regular turning.

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