Brazil Serra Nova speciality coffee roasted by The Blending Room in Hull

Brazil Serra Nova

Tropical Fruit, Walnut & Chocolate

250g — £7.00

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  • SCA Score 85
  • Producers João Paulo França & Eduardo Barbosa
  • Altitude 1100 - 1300
  • Process Natural
  • Varietal Mundo Novo
  • Location Ilicnea, Sul de Minas

Roaster's Notes

The Serra Nova is a really stellar coffee. The tropical fruits are perfectly balanced with classic Brazil profile notes of walnut and chocolate. This would make for an interesting espresso that works well with milk. We have been enjoying this as filter too.


This coffee is a blend of two farms from the Community of Serra Nova in the Ilicnea mountains.

Corrego Dantas

This farm that has been passed down to João Paulo form his father Lazaro França who showed his son how working with coffee could be a rewarding career. When João Paulo inherited the farm he looked at ways in which he could improve the quality of the coffee and make the most of the geographical situation of the farm within the hilly region of Ilicnea. With the help of his brother Marcus, they have slowly improved the quality the farm produces. All the work is done manually due to the terrain and the coffee is selectively picked during harvest, ensuring that ripe cherry has priority. The coffee is transported from the fields to the patio by a small motorcycle where it is then dried on the patio for between 7-10 days. They recently invested in building a second patio to help provide space for drying the coffees.

Serra Nova

This 48 ha farm has been in the Barbosa family since 1957 when Eduardo’s grandfather passed through the region and saw that there was good potential for raising livestock and growing coffees. Initially he planted corn, raised milk cows and looked after horses whilst growing coffees as well.

The farm has developed over the years and now it is looked after by Eduardo and Vinicius Barbosa. They have embraced the change to specialty coffee and also realising the potential that growing coffee in this micro climate can achieve.

In the harvest due to the topography the coffee is collected by hand with special picking machines, using special large cloths placed on the ground to collect the coffees. After this the coffee is then taken and sortedfor ripeness before then being dried on a patio for 7 – 10 days. The coffee is then allowed to rest before being hulled and taken to the cooperative for milling.

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