El Salvador coffee roasted in Hull by East Yorkshire's premium roaster Blending Room

El Salvador Grupo Renacer

Green Apple, Raisin & Chocolate

250g — £8.50

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  • SCA Score 84
  • Producer Grupo Renacer
  • Altitude 1400
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Mixed
  • Location El Salvador

Roaster's Notes

This is a really solid coffee from El Salvador. I bought it purely on its accessibility in the cup. Versatile as a filter or espresso brew and one that will suit a variety of palates. Expect a nudge of green apple like acidity with a dried fruit and chocolate character.


Grupo Renacer was established in 2020 to work with small producers around the Canton (Area), Los Naranjos. Each producer's farm will not exceed 1 - 2 manzana plots of land. It was initially identified that the farmers in this area had problems with poor plant nutrition, increased occurrence of diseases, poor quantities of production and lack of access to market. However, the potential for quality was spotted and as with other qualtiy producers in this region, Grupo Renacer has bourbon and pacas varietals available along with altitudes of around 1400masl. Both markers for quality.

The cooperative benefits from a technical field school led by Sigfredo Corado who had already started to help producers in this region before Renacer was established. Sigrfredo is a retired agronomy professor who had established relationshops with business partners in the Los Naranjos Group farms (Los Angeles & Finca Noruega) as well as a wet mill. At Renacer he leads a team of 6 field technicians to help small to medium size producers focus on farm best practises that are restorative for the land and soil as well as beneficial for the yield and quality of the coffee. The field school is based at the farm named Finca Noruega where there is a class held twice a month for the students. Throughout the year there are 3 modules and these look to focus on the 4 R's the program have developed for soil health.

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