Speciality coffee roasted in Hull by The Blending Room from Nicaragua

Nicaragua Dipilto 02

Orange, Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate

250g — £8.50

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  • SCA Score 83.5
  • Producer Dilpilto Producer Group
  • Altitude 1300
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Mixed
  • Location Ocotal

Roaster's Notes

I have bought a series of coffee from Nicaragua this year, where I hoped to display some of the diversity in flavours that Nicaragua can offer. The positive attributes of this coffee are displayed in its orange like acidity that is well balance by a syrupy body reminiscent of hazelnut and dark chocolate. We've been drinking this as a batch filter coffee at the roastery. It's perfect for that method of brewing.


This lot comes from 7 farmers from the Dipilto producer group. The contributing farms are all RFA certified. It is made up of caturra, red catuai and catimor that grows at 1300 masl and is harvested between November and March.

Most of the coffees are grown under shade, both chemical and organic fertilizers are used, and coffee pulp too. Producers carry out production under shade, with forest species (ingas), autochthonous forest, musaceas and fruit trees. The harvesting of the fruit is manual, always trying to cut ripe coffee. Likewise, producers follow a pruning plan, shade management, and soil and foliar fertilization plan; and pest and disease management (using low-impact products (green labels)

The coffee is harvested by hand on each farm, when the cherries reach an optimal degree of ripeness, it is pulped, fermented in piles for about 18 to 24 hours, then it is washed in running channels for the classification of the coffee in parchment, then it is transported to Dry mill Cafetos de Segovia, where the wet parchment coffee is laid in patios with Sarán mesh for about a day, then it is laid in covered patios with Sarán, dried under shade for about 10 to 12 days, then it is stored in warehouses and duly classified by quality.

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