Speciality Peruvian coffee roasted by Blending Room in Hull, East Yorkshire

Peru Elevi Rufasto

Redcurrant, Orange & Chocolate

250g — £9.00

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  • SCA Score 85
  • Producer Elevi Rufasto
  • Altitude 1700
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Caturra & Typica
  • Location La Union, San Jose del Alto, Jaen, Cajamarca

Roaster's Notes

The prominent redcurrant in this coffee by Elevi Rufasto and bright acidity associated with great Peruvian coffee, shine through in abundance. This is a very well balanced coffee which displays its inherent characteristics with superb clarity.


Elevi Rufasto owns the farm La Naranja where he has been a coffee farmer for more than 20 years. Elevi manages the farm with his family and during the harvest hire 4 staff for additional help in picking. This small 2 hectare plot is situated at 1700 masl and produces catimor and typica between June and October.

Once the cherry is picked, it is sent to be washed and pulped. As an additional process, this lot is fermented for 48 hours before being dried in solar tents for 14 days.

Once ready, the coffee is taken to our export and import partner, Falcon Coffee’s, warehouse in Jaen where it is assessed for quality. At this stage a price is agreed for the coffee depending on its perceived cup score. Prices are set according to lot quality and Falcon aims to pay 30% above the local price as this quality bonus will have a huge impact on the farmer’s livelihood and that of their family. Finally, the coffee is transported to a plant called Café Selva Norte SAC and checked for any defects before being bagged and moved to the coast for shipping to the UK.

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