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  • SCA Score 86.25
  • Producer Suukala Lot#1
  • Altitude 1500-2100
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Mixed
  • Location Inza, Cauca

Roaster's Notes

This Colombian coffee offers a harmonious balance of tropical fruitiness, citrusy brightness, and indulgent chocolate richness.


"Suukala", meaning sugary and sweet in taste. These exceptional coffees are produced by expert growers who put in a lot of effort during special harvests, demonstrating their patience and passion. They represent the hard work of farmers who are committed to producing high-quality, high-scoring coffees.

The Municipality of Inza in Cauca is an area of land that sits high on a Colombian plateau called the 'Macizo Colombiano'. This area is perfect for growing specialty coffee as altitudes reach over 2000 masl. Inzá is mostly known for its indigenous history and coffee. Its history goes back to 1577 where a Spaniard, Sancho García de Espino, established camp where Inzá is today. In 1737 the Jesuits built a church and since that moment the whole town started growing into streets and houses; being recognised by the Colombian government as a municipality in 1907.

Asorcafe was founded on July 11, 2003 in the town of Pedegral in Inza and currently there are 290 members who are part of the association.The association was set up to help these producers become organised to sell their coffees as specialty but also provide a framework and structure to further their education and progression to improve the economic and social conditions for themselves, their families and their community.

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