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Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Toffee.


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In 1984 Osmar Nunes planted his first 10 hectares of Arabica which yielded him a total of 156 bags of bica. 35 years later Osmar and his son Gabriel are working to grow the business together and have amassed a total of 148 hectares of land in the Freitas micro-region, 114 hectares of which are planted to coffee.

This lot of Catuai comes from an area of Fazenda Bom Jardim planted so as to receive optimum sunlight during the months of bean formation and ripening between January and May.

All coffee from Fazenda Bom Jardim is transported to Fazenda Freitas where it is dried on concrete patios and processed. The accentuated fruitiness of this coffee is achieved through the drying process where the coffee is arranged in tall triangular mounds on the patios seldom being revolved during the day.

According to Osmar and Gabriel, the secret to their success lies in the fact that they are constantly renovating 10- 15% of their area planted to coffee year on year, which allows them to experiment with new varietals and processes, giving them greater versatility.

Osmar and Gabriel´s open minded mentality has also helped them in their endeavours and it is clear they are pioneers in the region. In 2018 the construction of an impressive quality lab was completed on the farm and the fact that lots can be cupped and evaluated on the farm has helped to improve decision-making, particularly at the time of picking and choosing which processes to undergo with each varietal. In 2017 they produced the winning Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural coffee.

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