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This coffee comes from Engenho Da Serra situated in the Cerrada Mineiro of Minas Gerais which is an area associated with high quality coffee. In order to be part of the Designation of Origin this area has achieved, coffees here must be specialty (80+ points) arabica grown above 800 m.a.s.l.

The farm was first planted in the 1970’s by José Humberto de Andrade who was one pf the pioneers of coffee in this region. The farm is now run mainly by Sanda and her nephew Lucas Santos. They feel that the farm altitude coupled with the hot sunny days and long cool nights gives the coffee its unique profile balancing flavour and body. They are very focused on maintaining the farm ensuring they are renovating and regenerating areas each year.

This lot is a Red Catuai that is harvested between July – September and is mechanically picked. Once the coffee is picked it is sorted and then transferred to the patios where it dries for 7 – 10 days. After this the coffee is then left for 30 days to rest in the dry parchment before it can then be milled and sorted for export.

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