Brazil Olhos D’ Água


Raisin. Praline. Milk Chocolate.


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This is a great coffee from Alfonso Pinto and typifies what I look for in a quality coffee from Brazil. It’s lovely and sweet, with a delightful dried fruit character upfront. Praline and milk chocolate are then prevalent throughout the cup and it’s soft, rounded mouthfeel is excellent. Olhos D’ Água is one of those all-round coffees. Great from espresso and filter style brewing in equal measures.

Mr Afonso Pinto has always worked on coffee farms close to where he lives in Nepomuceno. Over time, he learned all aspects of coffee farming and how to take care of crops throughout all stages of the annual harvest cycle. With this knowledge and a desire to run his own farm, Alfonso bought his a small 11.5 ha farm named Olhos D’ Água which translates as Eye of the Water. The land is planted with 2.5 ha of Red Catuai. The rest of the farm is left open to the natural environment and water spring. Alfonso and his family’s desire is to look after their farm by taking care of their practices and continue producing small speciality lots. This coffee picked and sorted by hand to separate out different qualities, before drying the coffee on their patio for between 7 – 10 days.

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