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Sweet, plum like character with notes of hazelnut, praline and cocoa leads to a well-balanced body with subtle acidity and long finish.


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Farm – Santa Rosalia
Altitude – 1000-1050 masl
Location – Araxa, Minas Gerais
Preparation – Natural
Variety – Catuai
Owners – AC Cafe

Santa Rosalia is located in Araxa in the state of Minas Gerais, and covers a total area of 2000 hectares with around 1400 allocated to coffee. The farm grows yellow Bourbon, yellow Icatu, yellow Catuai, red Catuai, Mundo Nova, Topazio, Tupi at altitudes of around 1000/1050 metres above sea level.

The farm was established in 1994 by ‘AC Café’ which is a family run business with a background in farming coffee, cattle and sheep. In 2011, they decided to separate the three arms of their business in order to improve the quality of product produced. There are now 140 permanent workers at Santa Rosalia with 40 of them living on the farm. The younger trees found on this farm mean that more manual picking is required as opposed to machine pickers which can exert too much force on trees that have not yet reached full maturation.

Brazil Santa Rosalia has a fantastic consideration for both the environment surrounding the farm and the people and communities depending on it. The accommodation for the staff working there is outstanding with a clean and well equipped canteen to provide meals. There is also a vegetable patch for the staff which supplies the canteen and is also used to assist with agronomy education for local schools. Children are invited onto the farm for lessons in
environmental sustainability and the importance of biodiversity. Workers on the farm and their families also benefit from this education and receive advice around utilising natural resources, recycling and saving energy. There is also a team monitoring the amount of wildlife on the farm and they have conducted an in depth census with light sensitive cameras in order to collate data about the biodiversity found at Santa Rosalia. The staff at the farm intend to put together a book for children about the flora, fauna and wildlife found there
giving them advice on how to look after it.

Once the cherries have been machine picked they are taken to the on-site wet mill where they are processed using either the pulped natural or natural process. Coffee is dried on the patio for 24/30 hours before being put into a mechanical dryer for around 12 hours at 40 degrees Celsius. The coffee is then cupped from each dryer by the quality control team who separate it into lots based on this assessment.

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