Colombia Agustino Forest


Lively lemon like acidity leading to a butter caramel character and sweet orange on the finish.


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Cooperative – ASOGUAR Association
Altitude – 1700-2000 masl
Location – San Agustin, Huila
Preparation – Washed
Variety – Caturra
Owners – 104 smallholder families

Colombia Agustino Forest is formed from an association of growers call ASOGUAR of whom our importers are working with. The association was established in 2006 with an aim to promote coffee growing to the smallholder communities rather than producing crops for the illegal drugs trade. The cooperative has a strong focus on environmental conservation and the belief is that coffee cultivation is the way to achieve this by counteracting the effects of illicit drug production and the sale of timber in the area. It is currently made up of 104 families who are growing coffee on the land surrounding the ancient forests of South Huila. The smallholder farmers involved with this association are given access to the speciality market along with technical training and funding for tree planting and improving local infrastructure in return for commitment by the smallholder’s involved to protect the local environment and the ecosystems surrounding their farms.

The Association members hand pick ripe red cherry and deliver it to their own micro wet mill where it is pulped and washed. The washed beans are then either dried on patio’s underneath sliding covers in case of rainfall or in a parabolic dryer with the sides open to improve airflow. The dry parchment coffee is then sent to the dry mill to first rest and is then milled to remove the parchment before being graded and packed into GrainPro bags.

The Colombia Agustino Forest has a lively lemon like acidity leading to a butter caramel character and sweet orange on the finish.

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