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Blackberry. Orange. Brown Sugar.


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Fredy Urbano has been growing coffee for over 6 years and lives on their farm with his wife and three children growing coffee organically. The farm is based in the municipality of Piendamo in Cauca where he is part of the ASOPROA growers’ group who are part of the Cosurca cooperative based in Timbio. Cosurca work closely with ASOPROA working in the communities on both agronomy and social projects. Fredy has also resisted the temptation to plant only Colombia supremo on the farm and is working hard to maintain diversity and also keeping Caturra trees to help with the quality of flavour in the cup.

Coffee is planted among banana, guamo, orange & avocado trees to give shade protection to the plants. Ani has also invested time and effort in the Caturra trees to keep growing these on the farm as she believes diversity is good for her crop as well as the environment. During the harvest, which runs from May to September, the coffee is hand selected every 8 days and then pulped on the same day of collection. It is then left to ferment for 12 – 15 hours before being dried in a parabolic drier for 8 – 10 days.

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