Colombia La Esperanza


Lime. Honey. Chocolate.


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Our importers have selected this coffee from the Municipality of San Agustin, and the village of Alto Del Obispo in the south of Huila, which is well known for its ability to produce excellent coffees with interesting and vibrant cup profiles. The altitude and soils combined with annual rainfall allow perfect conditions for coffee to grow.

Helemile Muñoz has owned the farm for the past 15 years and decided to move onto the land to work to produce a better future for his family. La Esperanza translates as ‘hope’ and specialty coffee is helping to provide a future for their family. Helemile feels that he learns everyday in coffee and is continually looking at ways to improve processing/in-frastructure or looking at ways to work more harmoniously with the environment. The farm is also RFA & UTZ certified as well.

During the harvest after collection, they pulp the coffee each night and then leave it to dry ferment between 26-48 hours in tanks, depending on the conditions. From here, the coffee is then washed before being dried on Parabolic driers for 15- 20 days. The weather in these regions can make the post-harvest care extremely difficult with temperamental weather patterns creating a challenging environment to produce high quality coffee. However, Helemile’s coffees this season are outstanding, as always.

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