Colombia La Marianela Estate


Farm – La Marianela
Altitude – 1700m – 1800m above sea level.
Location – Piendamo Cauca.
Preparation – Washed.
Varietal – Caturra and some Colombia
Owners – Herman Dorronsoro
Farm size – 150 ha
Harvest – Apr-Jun and Oct-Dec.
Cupping notes – Creamy body, bright acidity with fruity, chocolate flavours.




Colombia is the second largest Arabica coffee producing country in the world after Brazil and the largest producer of washed Arabica. Coffee is grown at altitudes of between 800 to 1,900 metres. The main region is located in the Western area between the central and Western Cordilleras, although coffee is also grown to the South and North. Coffee quality has been variable over the past few years due to declining investment in cultivation but there is now growing availability of speciality grades.
La Marianela is a coffee estate founded and managed by an agronomist, Herman Dorronsoro. The estate is located in Piendamo, a town in Cauca State on the western side of the Central Andes mountain range. The estate resides at around 1700 – 1800 masl, perfect for the specially prepared 80% Caturra and 20% Colombia varieties to grow.

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Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 3.5 cm


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