Costa Rica Dota San Rafael


Sweet, clean citrus acidity, creamy and butter like body with a distinct malt and caramel flavour.


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Cooperative – San Rafael
Altitude – 1,650 masl
Location – Dota Valley, Costa Rica
Preparation – Semi Washed
Variety – Caturra, Catuai
Owners – 20 producers

Prior to the arrival of Coopedota, coffee farming in the area of Los Santos was difficult. The producers had little or no expertise in the agronomic process, the coffee was sold to middlemen who paid producers unfairly and there were no wet mills nearby, which meant a long trip to be able to process their coffee. The closest wet mill was “La Raya” in Desamparados. Coffee carts were taken up there and measured first to prevent the coffee cherries from fermenting.

Mr Estanislao Ureña Mora was responsible for introducing coffee to the area, and gave seed to his brother Jose Ureña Mora. Between the two, they sowed a plantation of 2 hectares and produced their coffee without the use of agrochemicals.Then came Ramon Blanco who built a wet mill in San Pablo de Leon Cortes, and producers began taking their coffee there. In 1929 a wet mill was built in Santa Maria, but as there was so much uncertainty in prices, producers turned to the Banco Nacional (National Bank), which had a department where farmers were recommended on
how to process their own coffee.Thus was born Coopedota R.L.

At the end of the previous century came the pioneers and settlers and they marvelled upon finding these valleys. Soon the word spread about the natural beauty of Santa Maria de Dota and the town was born, which today, despite the onslaught of technology, inhabitants remain firm to their traditions passed down from generation to generation.In the pre-Columbian era the territory which is currently the county of Dota, was inhabited by indigenous people from the kingdom of Huetar Este. The “cacique” Guarco, who was chief at that time, died at the beginning of the Conquest, and so his son Correque assumed the chiefdom.

In the centre of this valley, there was grassland surrounded by a thicket, which made people think that this place had been the site of an indigenous colony. This was confirmed when tombs carved with hieroglyphs were found, as well as a cemetery located on the east side of the town. The name of the county, according to the popular version, originated from the voyages carried out by the chieftain of the natives, named OTA by the Quepos Indians, who crossed the region on his travels between the Central Valley and his home village; the word grew into DOTA, which
means “High Mountain”.

Costa Rica Dota San Rafael is named after a place that serves as a gateway to the Canton de Dota “Calle de San Rafael” and is named in honour of the Saint. This is a widely used practice in Costa Rica to name places, towns or villages.

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