Costa Rica El Pereszoso


Lemon. Almond. Hazlenut and chocolate


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Coop Tarrazu operates the largest wet mill in the country, processing an average of 115,000 bags each season. Established in 1960 the Coop now has more than 3000 producers supplying them, making them one of the largest Coops in the country. Their growth and success is down to a number of factors but primarily it’s the excellent governance from the Coop managers. Coop Tarrazu has employed some of the best coffee professionals in Costa Rica, to manage their affairs and the investment has paid off.

This is our first season buying from Coop Tarrazu. When asking for a value washed coffee that was suitable for blending the Coop were happy to accommodate our needs. El Perezoso has had an extra round of sorting and a longer drying time to improve the quality.

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