Costa Rica Finca Santos


Costa Rica Finca Santos displays sweet, clean citrus acidity, buttery body with notes of cherry and cocoa powder.


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Coffee – Costa Rica Finca Santos
Altitude – 1380 masl
Location – San Luis de Sabinilla, Alejuela Province, Central Valley
Preparation – Washed
Variety – Caturra and Catuai
Harvest – Nov to February

The town of San Luis de Sabanilla falls within the province of Alajuela and is part of the coffee producing region of Costa Rica known as the Central Valley. It is within this region that Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, can be found and it is also the oldest coffee producing area in the country. The three volcanoes of Poás , Irazu and Barva make this region particularly notable and have contributed towards a rich fertile soil highly suited to agricultural production. This, combined with a defined wet and dry season, good rainfall and stable temperatures mean it is highly suited to coffee cultivation in particular.

Finca Santos is located on the slopes of the Poás volcano and has been owned by the Zamora family since 2004. The previous owner’s surname was Santos which is where the farm has got its name from. When it was purchased the farm was planted with very old coffee trees and the decision was made to replant the whole farm. It is approximately 7 hectares in size with seventy per cent being Catuaí and thirty per cent Caturra. The total production is around In fact it is a 70%-30% split between Catuaí and Caturra. It produces approximately 280 fanegas of coffee in total which is around 187 bags.

This lot from Ficna Santos, has been specially hand selected from the pick of the crop and then mechanically washed. The drying was a combination of sun-drying on the patio and guardiola. When dried in the Guardiola it is warmed at 50 degrees Celsius for up to 36 hrs to achieve a moisture content of 11.5% humidity. When drying on the patio the average temperature is approximately 28 degrees and it can take between 7 and 10 days to dry. During this time the coffee is turned constantly by rake in order to ensure even drying. In the evening the coffee is collected together and covered in order to keep it warm and protected overnight. Before export, the coffee is rested for around one month and sorted for defects.

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