Costa Rica Tarrazu Parritilla


Community – Parritilla
Altitude – 1300 – 1500 masl
Location – Leon Cortes, Costa Rica
Preparation – Washed, patio dried
Varietal – Catuai, Caturra
Owners – CoopeTarrazu Producers
Certification – Fairtrade
Cupping Notes – Rich body, refined acidity, caramel, honey and macadamia nut.


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For the last two years we have been selecting our Costa Rican coffees from a Fairtrade Community Coffee project set-up by our impoprters D R Wakefield and Coope Tarrazu. Here’s a snippet from their last field-trip:
“Our next visit was to Coope Tarrazu which is located in the municipalities of San Marcos de Tarrazu and San Pablo de Leon Cortes. Here, we were impressed by their professionalism and the work they do with the members of the coop providing multiple services like credit, technical assistant, training etc. Ourselves in conjunction with the coop set up a community coffee project to help increase the value and recognition of the quality of the coffee produced in the following communities: La Trinidad, Ojo de Agua and Paritilla. We were very pleased that the premium given to the producers to select the best quality beans has made a positive impact on their lives. We were extremely lucky and honoured to be present and hand out the premium to the farmers of La Trinidad. They decided to invest the premium into materials to finish building the main road that provides access to their community.”
This year we have chosen the Parritilla lot which we feel shows the classic characteristics of a good Costa Rican coffee; good body, clean acidity and defined nuttiness with a touch of floral honey to boot. We hope you enjoy this great coffee as much as we do!

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