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The Buenos Aires project started with 25 growers with average farm sizes below 5 hectares. The farm altitudes range from 1,300 to 1,700 masl on are located on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, which is one of the main coffee growing areas in El Salvador.

The community project has three main objectives: Improve the living conditions of small growers, grow a community and improve community knowledge for growing higher quality coffee to gain more value for their product.

Most of the coffee grown by this group are heirloom Arabicas and Bourbons with some other exotic and hybrid varietals that the exporter, El Borbollon, has started to screen at their mill.

All the coffee is collected from the farms by the mill truck that brings the cherry down to the mill. Here the coffee is floated and washed before then being pulped and left to ferment overnight in tiled tanks. After this the coffee is then washed to remove any mucilage remaining and transferred to the patios where it is then dried for 13 – 15 days with regular turning.

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