El Salvador Finca Tierra Nueva


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Coffee – El Salvador Finca Tierra Nueva
Altitude – 850 – 900 masl
Location – El Congo, San Salvador, El Salvador
Preparation – Honey and natural process
Variety – Bourbon and Pacas
Owners – Claudia Tinoco
Harvest – November to January

El Salvador Finca Tierra Nueva is an 85 hectare farm situated in the municipality of El Congo which is adjacent to San Salvador on the foothills of the Quezaltepec volcano – otherwise known as the San Salvador volcano. There are some who claim that the Aztec name of ‘Quezaltepec’ means ‘land of the ‘quetzal’, which is a strikingly coloured bird found in this region.

El Salvador Finca Tierra Nueva belongs to Claudia Tinoco and has been in her family for four generations. This year weour importers have selected some small natural and honey processed lots from Tierra Nueva as we feel the slightly lower altitude gives perfect conditions for growing beautifully sweet and full bodied coffee, if processed using these methods.

These lots come from the Tablón Guayabal plot and they have been carefully hand-picked before being delivered to the wet mill in Santa Ana. On arrival, the cherries are emptied into tanks and water is used to separate any unripe cherries. For the natural process, the ripe cherries are removed from the floatation tank and taken to raised drying beds where they are laid out to dry for between 13 and 14 days. During this period, the cherries are constantly turned to prevent the formation of mould. Once dry, the raisin like cherries are then hulled to remove the skin of the cherry, leaving the beans in parchment. They are stored like this for around a month before being packed into GrainPro ready for export.

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