El Salvador Las Meninas


Full bodied yet balanced and sweet. Orange acidity with a caramel and cocoa character.


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Farm – Las Meninas
Altitude – 900 -1300 masl
Location – Mejicanos, San Salvador, El Salvador
Preparation – Wet processed
Variety – Bourbon and Pacas
Owners – Aguilar Tinoco Family

Finca Las Meninas is a 95 hectare farm situated in the municipality of Mejicanos which is adjacent to San Salvador on the foothills of the Quezaltepec volcano – otherwise known as the San Salvador volcano. There are some who claim that the Aztec name of ‘Quezaltepec’ means ‘land of the ‘quetzal’, which is a strikingly coloured bird found in this region. The farm was acquired by Señora Elena Serrano Delgado de Aguilar Zaldivar in the early 19th century who named it ‘Oakland’. She acquired the land piece by piece and it is now 95 hectares in size. The farm has been with the family for four generations now and is known today as ‘Las Meninas’, after the famous Diego Velazquez painting.

This lot comes from the Tablón El Olvido plot and has been carefully handpicked before being delivered to the wet mill in Santa Ana. On arrival, the cherries are emptied into tanks and water is used to move the cherries up a pump and into a depulper to remove the skin of the cherry from the beans. The sticky beans are then moved in channels to fermentation tanks where they will rest for 13 to 15 hours and naturally present bacteria and microbes break down the sugars and alcohols in the mucilage of the bean.

The fermented beans are then moved to a washing machine whereby fresh water is used to remove any remaining mucilage and prepare the beans for the drying patios where they will rest for around 8-10 days. The dried parchment beans are then left to rest for around a month and a half before being hulled to remove the parchment. Once hulled, the beans are hand sorted to remove any defects. The sorted beans are then packed into GrainPro ready for shipment.

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