Guatemala Finca Nueva Granada Monte Rosa 2011-12


Farm – Nueva Granada
Altitude – c 1500m above sea level
Location – San Marcos, Guatemala
Preparation – Washed, patio dried
Varietal – Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
Owners – Transcafé
Certification – Rainforest Alliance
Cupping Notes – Juicy orange sweetness & acidity, hints of pineapple and toffee apple. Nutty on the nose.


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Nueva Granada is a coffee farm situated in San Marcos, Guatemala. Coffee plants grow up to an altitude of c. 1500m nestled between two volcanos, Tajumulco and Tacana in volcanic ash soil.
The coffee plants start their growing cycle in March / April and harvest generally begins in October. During this period the cherries ripen under shade until they are deep red in colour. The farm workers will pass through the coffee groves more than once, only selecting ripe cherries as they go.
Once harvested the coffee goes through a de-pulping process using the farms own spring water plant. After grading, the coffee is then dried on patios and low heat dryers.
Nueva Granada is fully Rainforest Alliance certified. Further positive farm improvements such as an ecol-mill (using 80% less water), waste water used as irrigation water (not returned to rivers), sustainable agriculture, health care facilities, nursery etc are provided for the farm and its workers.

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