Honduras Fred Rolando Pineda


Red Apple. Cherry. Dark Chocolate.


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Fred Rolando Pineda has been involved with coffee production all his life. Fred inherited his 2 ha farm Finca Fredy from his father before him. He is part of the Aruco Cooperative and is one of the 33 producers involved in their micro-lot program. He has been working on producing speciality micro lots since 2016 and receives advice from the technicians at Aruco about farm management and soil fertility to help produce good quality cherry and and prevent pests and disease. On the 2 ha farm he works the land with his wife and receives extra help during the harvest with the collection of the coffee cherry before delivering to Aruco where the coffee is processed. The coffee is floated and separated before then being pulped and fermented overnight. After this, the coffee is then dried on raised beds in poly tunnels until it reaches below 11% moisture.

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