Nicaragua Finca Argentina 2012


Farm – Finca Argentina
Altitude – 1200 – 1400m above sea level
Location – Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Preparation – Wet processed & patio dried
Varietal – Caturra & Catuai
Owners – The Peralta family
Certification – Rainforest Alliance
Harvest – December to March
Importer – Falcon Speciality
Cupping Notes – Lime, lemon sherbet, balanced sweetness and very clean.


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Nicaragua can be split into key growing regions including that of Matagalpa, Jinotega and Nueva Segovia. The later is heralded as Nicaragua’s premier growing region, particularly the Cordillera de Dipilto – Jalapa – a mountainous region which runs along the border with Honduras. Regularly this region produces Cup of Excellence winning lots, for the farms here are blessed with high altitude and excellent climatic conditions. The close proximity of the mills also proves to be highly advantageous in terms of quality protection.


Finca La Argentina is located in Dipilto where it is owned and managed by Roger Peralta and his family. A steep 30-minute drive from the local mill town of Ocotal, Nueva Segovia’s capital, is all it takes to reach Finca La Argentina. The farm is set within a mountain forest where many varieties of indigenous trees flourish alongside all kinds of flora and fauna. Such varied vegetation provides ample shade for the coffee that grows there. The coffee is harvested between December and March and is processed in the farm’s own wet mill. Once the beans have gently fermented in mountain spring water, they are partially dried before being transported to the patios of the family’s beneficio – San Ignacio in Mozonte. Here the parchment coffee is exposed to slight breezes and full sunshine. It is regularly turned by rake to ensure even drying.


January 2010 saw Finca Argentina achieve Rainforest Alliance certification in recognition of the great care that is taken of the land and the people who work it.

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