Papua New Guinea Sigri


Country – Papua New Guinea
Region – Wahgi, Western Highlands
Farm – Sigri Plantation
Grade – A
Preparation – Wet-Processed
Varietal – Mainly Typica
Cupping Notes – Clean acidity, balanced body, mango sweetness, Capri Sun and honey notes.


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The highlands of Papua New Guinea are planted with a variety of coffee types, a combination of a few large plantations, and many smallholder coffee gardens. Unlike other coffees from this region (Indonesia) PNG coffees are wet-processed which helps explain the bright flavour profile. PNG coffee has often been compared to Central America coffee.
The plantations in PNG are larger farms that have their own coffee-processing wet mills, so they are able to control all the variables of production better than the small farm coffee gardens. Sigri Plantation is a very good example of an efficient and well-organised plantation where the careful processing of the coffee shows in the cup.
Sigri Coffee Estate in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea was established in the 1950s. The altitude of the Wahgi Valley where this coffee plantation is located is 5,200 ft. above sea level, and the size of this estate, and their sister estate, Bunum Wo totals 1,123 hectares. In addition, Sigri now fully manages 413 hectares of “project coffee” owned by neighbouring local landowners and farmers.

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