Peru Churupampa


A juicy, tangerine like acidity leads into a and plum character with prominent sweetness, balance and undertones of chocolate.


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Farm – Churupampa
Altitude – 1,500 to 1,700 masl
Location – Chirinos, province of San Ignacio, Cajamaca region, northern Peru
Preparation – Wet processed
Variety – Paches, Mundo Novo, Typica & Caturra
Owners – 20 cooperative members

The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Prosperidad de Chirinos (CAC La Prosperidad) is located in the San Igancio province of the Cajamarca region in northern Peru, close to the town of Jaen. It was established in 1968 when a group of 35 small-scale farmers founded a coffee cooperative with the intent of fostering social change and achieving economic self-sufficiency by servicing the local market. In the early 2000’s, the cooperative began to sell coffee of a higher quality to Fairtrade, Organic and speciality buyers across the United States and Europe.

Today, the CAC La Prosperidad is considered to be responsible for the strong economic position currently enjoyed by the local community in Chirinos. The cooperative now has over 600 members and coffee production provides over 90% of the local population’s income. It is for this reason that there has been a strong emphasis placed on foreseeing potential threats to coffee production in the area such as ageing trees and the roya fungus. CAC La Prosperidad has invested in services designed to promote the long-term sustainability of its business – an example of such an investment is the organic fertilizer plant based on-site which helps cooperative members to save money on chemical inputs, fortify their soil, increase their yields by up to 60 % and manage pests. The cooperative also plans to replace vulnerable coffee trees with stronger plants grown in their own nursery which will hopefully endure the challenges of a changing climate better.
Churupampa is a carefully selected coffee from the top producers in CAC La Prosperidad. There are currently around 20 farmers with the expertise and exact microclimate required for producing coffee of this quality. These farmers represent about 5% of the cooperative’s total production. The coffee is harvested according to strict selection criteria, closely controlled fermentation at the centralised mill and management of the drying process and storage. Coffee is stored in parchment in GrainPro bags at origin until the shipment date in order to conserve the quality.

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