Peru Dalila Flores Venegas


Blackcurrant. Black Cherry. Chocolate.


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Dalila Flores Venegas owns 2 hectares of land in El Diamante, San Jose de Lourdes, Peru, where she grows Caturra and Castillo varieties. Dalila picks her coffee with the help of family members before she pulps and ferments it in a small concrete tank. Once fermented to the point that the mucilage comes off easily, Dalila rinses the coffee and then places it on tarpaulin mats to dry in the sun, where it dries slowly for 7 to 10 days. Once the coffee reaches 15% moisture Dalila then delivers it to Roger Chilcon, a neighbouring producer, who transports the coffee to Jaen where he dries it down to 11% before delivering to the Falcon Peru warehouse, our import partners.

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