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El Mirador is a village in the Las Pirias district of Jaén province. This lot is a blend of day lots from the producers that our importers work with in the area. Each of the lots was picked and processed separately, often by the producer themselves and their family, since the land that each producer owns is fairly small they are able to manage it themselves. After picking, the coffee is pulped and fermented for 12 to 18 hours before it is washed and place on lined patios to dry. The coffee then dries for between 8 and 12 days before the producer delivers it to the Falcon Coffees warehouse in Jaén.

Las Pirias is part of the Jaén province and its coffee producing areas are in the mountain ranges that circle the city of Jaén. Coffee producers in Las Pirias cover a range of altitudes, from 1500 to 1900 masl. The majority of the coffee grown here is Catimor, due to the slightly lower elevation, but producers our importers work with are in higher areas and so have preserved their pure arabica varieties. The lower areas of Las Pirias are some of the main purchasing areas for some of the larger cooperatives, so many of the villages are fairly well developed with good transport links to the city. Since the producers our importers work with are all over 1600 masl, the farms are farther from the city and are a lot more isolated, making it a challenge to run a farm, but also to deliver their coffee to Jaén. The coffees from this area are very consistent, have a balanced and sweet cup profile but have a lot more to give in the coming years as producers start to invest in their farms again.

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