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Blackberry. Plum. Great Sweetness.


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Jose Arce Diaz is the owner of 3 hectares of coffee in the village of Las Pirias in Chirinos, Peru. The area is mostly planted with Caturra and Typica trees, but he also grows Bourbon and Catimor cultivars too.

At 1800 masl the growing conditions at the farm are ideal and contribute to a very refined and fruity cup profile. Jose processes his coffee at his house, where he has a small hand pulper and a fermentation tank. He recently invested in a new drying area which is a wood frame with plastic covers and raised beds inside.

Jose is one of the new wave of young coffee producers in Peru, having moved from an area south of Jaen where they grow a lot of grains and potato, he started working in farms in around Chirinos, before saving up enough money to buy his own plot of land. Up until this year, Jose had been selling all his coffee to intermediaries and local aggregators, but now is being paid based on cup score and has more than doubled his household income since he started working with Falcon Speciality, our importers. Jose plans to invest a lot of this into his farm, renovating the old plants and planting new, high quality varieties.

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