Peru La Huaca


Tangerine. Vanilla. Walnut.


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This lot is a blend of day lots from the La Huaca village in the Huabal district of Peru. Coffees from La Huaca have a very distinct cup profile, due to the micro-climate in the area (humid and wet) and the deep red soils. Nevertheless, despite all the quality potential, farmers have struggled to consistently produce high quality coffee in the past because of a lack of infrastructure and challenging climate which often results in defects and lower cup quality. Our importers, Falcon Specialty, have taken a more active approach in sourcing. They have set up a warehouse in Jaen and buy coffee direct from the farmers rather than village aggregators (a common place method). This, along with other measures such as training, will help improve cup quality into the future through better buying relationships.


The producers in La Huaca all have between 1 and 3 hectares of land and mostly grow Castillo, Caturra and Bourbon varieties. All the producers pick and process their coffee themselves. Once picked, cherries are depulped and fermented for around 24 hours, usually in bags as very few producers in La Huaca have tanks, before it is washed and placed on a patio to dry. In this area it takes a little longer than average to dry coffee, normally around 20 days.

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