Peru Nelson Mejia Cordova


Tangerine. Caramel. Chocolate.


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Nelson Mejia Cordova is the owner of 3 hectares of land in the village of Nueva Esperanza in Chirinos. The farms are all around 1900 masl and are planted mostly with Caturra and Typica. Nelson and his brothers pick the coffee together, and he helps out picking at their farms too, before processing and drying it on tarpaulin inside a wooden shed at his house. Nelson used to be a member of a prominent cooperative in the area, but left last year after three consecutive years of very low prices and the cooperative buying less than 20% of his production, which meant he had to sell the vast majority to local buyers at the mercy of the market price. Nelson has a very good understanding of quality, since the cooperative he used to be a member of had a good training programme and taught him the principles of quality. This knowledge has helped him come 2nd three years running in the Best of Chirinos local coffee competition.

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