Peru Toribio Vega Segovia


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Our coffee importers have been working hard over recent years to find ways to improve the quality and consistency of coffee they source in Peru. This year they have released to us, coffee that has been purchase directly from producers, rather than through co-operatives.

Toribio Vega Segovia is a coffee producer from the village of El Condor in Huabal, Peru. Toribio owns a couple of hectares of land which are mostly planted with Caturra and Typica trees. One plot is entirely planted with Caturra, which in this area, tends to produce a very small bean size but with a very distinct floral cup profile. The farms are off the road between El Condor and San Pablo and sit at 1900 masl, with the highest point in the farm reaching 2000 masl. Toribio picks the coffee himself but also drafts in some hired workers too during the peak of the harvest. Toribio processes and dries his coffee at his house.

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