Rwanda Muhura


Skittles, blueberry, boozy, juniper.


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Rwanda Muhura is situated in the Gatsibo District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda and was established in 2010 by a local investment company. However, they struggled with financing and approached Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) to begin providing working capital in 2011. RTC provided capital to the station for two seasons before purchasing the station outright in 2013. Since then, the station has processed on average 900 metric tons of cherry, and RTC’s investment has
upgraded facilities and improved both processing and management capacity at Muhura. Most notably, RTC’s involvement has seen a considerable improvement in the quality the station produces, and this year Falcon Specialty have acquired two very special, experimental lots from Muhura.

Sorting was undertaken upon delivery of cherry to remove underripes, then the cherries were taken straight to raised beds for drying. It takes around 30 days to fully dry the cherries. (On average, 7kgs of freshly harvested cherry will yield 1kg of export quality green coffee).

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