Sumatra Aceh Gegarang


Subtle acidity with a tangerine zest character, good levels of sweetness and big bold cocoa body and finish.


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Farm – Gegarang village cooperative of the Gayo Mergah Bersei Coop
Altitude – 1600m – 1800 masl.
Location – Between Takengon and Lake Tawar in Aceh
Preparation – Semi-washed.
Varietal – Mainly Bourbon and P88
Owners – Cooperative members
Certification – Organic and Fair Trade

This coffee comes from the Gayo Megah Berseri Cooperative in Aceh which is comprised of 554 members from 9 separate villages. Gegarang village has 46 members who grow their organic coffee on plots of around one hectare at an altitude of 1,500 to 1,600 metres above sea level; other crops include potatoes and beans. Gegarang village is situated between Takengon and Lake Tawar.
The coffee varietals are mainly Bourbon with some P88 and a little Catimore, all of which is grown organically. The coffee is semi washed and wet-hulled, a process that involves the part-drying of freshly pulped beans before removing the parchment then allowing the swollen and ‘blanched’ beans to be sun dried to a deep green colour. A very deep and full bodied coffee is the result with a tangerine sweetness lacing heavy chocolate.
The harvest takes place between October and July and the coffee is stored in GrainPro sacks for shelf life longevity.

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