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Beverley Festival of Christmas 2009 Coffee Competiton

As mentioned previously, The Blending Room will be hosting our “ever running”, “Beverley Blend Competition”. This involves naming the constituent beans to our famous Beverley Blend. Now, as it’s Christmas, I thought that a few “hints” would be well received, seeing that it has been over 4 months and no-one has yet come close to naming the coffee.

The hints are: that there are two types of bean, one is light, fragrant and highly characteristic of its growing area. The other derives from one of the most popular growing regions in the world. Both of these growing regions are located on “relatively” the same latitude and both are “power houses” in the coffee world.

The above hints should be more than enough information to come up with the beans! Let’s see if this year Beverley Festival of Christmas will be date at which the record falls!

Good luck and see you at Beverley’s Festival of Christmas 2009.

The Blending Room

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