Markets 01.08.21

Beverley Market


James Wilkins

Beverley market is where it all began. Katie and I had been pondering starting a roasting business after we returned from a trip around Australasia in the winter of 2007/8. During the last half of 2008 I spent many an evening editing an Open Source code based website for us to launch an internet only business. However, a trip to Beverley one Saturday early in 2009 gave us the idea of standing at a market stall as well. By May of that year, we both plucked up the courage to stand in front of people in order to sell our products. The rest, as they say, is history.

More than a decade has passed and we (I) still turn out every Saturday come rain, wind and sunshine to sell our coffee. Beverley market has been a cornerstone of our business. As a roaster, it has provided direct feedback on the quality (or otherwise) of my work every week. Something that has proved invaluable as I’ve learnt my trade.

We are open between 08:00 and 16:00 every Saturday. We’ll always have our staple coffees, but we try to release a new Single Origin on a weekly basis and the market is the first place to get it.

See you there.

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