Coffee Archive 31.10.23

Corrego Bonito


James Wilkins


At an altitude of 1239 meters, situated at the GPS coordinates 20º 52' 40"S 45º 45' 07"W, you will find a coffee farm known as Córrego Bonito. A long history is behind this farm and the producer Joaquim.

When it comes to coffee production, Joaquim shares that the volume can vary annually but estimates an average of about 400 bags for export. The name given to their special coffee batch is "Café do Joaquim," a strain specifically known as Yellow Catuaí.

At Córrego Bonito, there are no permanent employees, only temporary workers during the harvest season, usually around eight in number. Throughout the rest of the year, Joaquim, his father Orlando, and brother Roberto maintain the farm, emphasizing its identity as a family business. The total area of their farm is approximately 35 hectares.

Joaquim's approach to coffee farming is steeped in tradition. Using organomineral fertilizers, they nourish their crops. When required, they prune their plants, manually harvesting the younger crops and using handheld machines for the older ones.

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