Green Coffee 10.06.21



James Wilkins

I mentioned in a post about green coffee, that our coffee gets transported to us in Jute bags with a Grainpro liner. So what is a Grainpro liner and why is most speciality coffee transported in it?

A Grainpro liner is a bag that acts as a gas and moisture-proof barrier which guards against the ingress of water vapour, while retaining low Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels created by the respiration of the commodity. They are made of tough, multi-layer plastic with gas barrier between layers of PE 0.078mm thick material. They are sealed using tie-wraps and placed inside an outer jute bag. The bags can be used with any kind of commodity, and in tests using coffee, the bags have been shown to extend the colour, flavour and aroma life of the coffee.

When I first started roasting commodity style coffee six or so years ago, all of the coffee I bought came in a jute bag with no Grainpro liner. I noticed that the coffee seemed to ‘fade’ within the periods of time they were in storage at the roastery. Admittedly, I didn’t roast as much coffee as I do now, so a bag would sit around for longer. However, since moving into roasting speciality coffee and the use of Grainpro for all the coffee, I’ve noticed that the coffee doesn’t fade. Now, I can’t say that the initial take up of Grainpro liners wasn’t instigated by me, but the work of our importers. However, Grainpro bag liners have become a prerequisite to my purchasing criteria of green coffee.

Every coffee that is listed on our site has been shipped from origin in Grainpro. This indicates that we are making every attempt to optimise the flavour profile of our coffee throughout it’s route to the roastery and whilst it’s warehoused with us.

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