Coffee Archive 29.10.23



James Wilkins


Sitio Urtiga is a small 5ha farm that has been in the Cardoso's family since 1987. Josias father was a truck driver but in 1987 he decided to buy a small farm and plant some coffee trees, hoping that when he would harvest and sell his first crop of coffee, he could buy a new truck. Unfortunately the price of the coffee two years later was very cheap and he could not buy his new truck. Josias says that his father could only buy tyres for the truck with the money from the coffee which the family look back on with amusement. At this time, Josias was a student and when he got home from school he went to the farm to help his father.

Josias now manages the Sitio Urtiga seeking improvements in the quality of the cafes and mainly the environmental preservation.

The coffee is harvested by hand and then separated for ripeness. Drying is carried out in the first days in a small mechanical drier and then drying in the sun for 15 days on the patio . After reaching a humidity of 11.3%, it was then hulled and taken to the COCATREL warehouse to be stored in a stable environment.

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